Company: Nevercenter

Nevercenter is a award winning creative application development company. I was a early adopter of their 3d modeling application called Silo3d. When Silo opened their application to allow customization of the interface I jumped on the opportunity to get my hands dirty in the interface design based on the creative workflow of the application. My design was well received by the user of the application. My interface design was downloaded 457 times during its run. Silo development has since stopped. This is still a very solid application. You can purchase this app

Here are a few quotes from the user base:

Nevercenter Application Developer: Jamchild “Ahh, much easier to look at than the other. 😉 This one looks like it’ll be fantastic”

Negative9: User  “ronniemcbride: two words, “professionally artistic” .great design…love it.”

Nevercenter Application Developer: Jamchild: “Your customization work is greatly appreciated by all of us”

Nevercenter Application Developer: Jamchild: “VERY FANCY RONNIE!!! Feel free to enumerate your interface editing requests here, and we’ll take note.”