Affinity Designer has a solid set of vector tools, but if you look beyond the Draw Persona you will find that there is a strong set of pixel tools under the hood. I have spent a substantial amount of time trying every type of selection available in this application. I can tell you first-hand that the tools used in making selections are quite solid. I admit I might have a better understanding than many Photoshop(ers), but I assure you it’s not rocket science. Affinity implementation is quite strong right out of the box and really has made it quite easy to get very good result. There are a few things I would like to see it further enhance the tools, but I figured out ways to work around for most of the things I think are missing .  

Affinity Designer Masking

These are samples of the overlay view and the masking view of a selection made in Affinity Designer by Ronnie D McBride

Extracting hair is one of the hardest things to do. I have seen many designers struggle with making this type of selection. There was a time when it required a few procedural methods to pull a good mask. Some designers were purely hired and paid well just to execute what was considered to be some sort of black magic art form. Overtime, Adobe made this easier so easy just about anyone could do it. One of the most iconic updates was addition of the refine tool. well adobe not the only ones with a refine tool. I find the refine tool in Affinity Designer is definitely one of the best.

There are many non Adobe application out on the market  that give you various methods of making selections and I have to tell you very few make the job as easy as the tools found in Affinity Designer! The ability to make advanced masking selections also makes it  really easy to edit your selections in a non destructive way. I have been able to pull off a few composites with ease just with the tools provided in this application. I can’t wait for the next update. Everyday I spend in Affinity designer is one more day I don’t spend in Adobe!

If you are interested in seeing what people are doing now in this application, head on over to the Affinity Designer Forum or visit my free YouTube Channel for tutorials and demonstrations. If you are looking for premium training then definitely take a look at my online Affinity Designer online training course.